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A solar installation is meant to last 20 – 30 years, with regular monitoring and maintenance.

The best way to ensure your solar panels lasts and performs optimally is to schedule yearly inspections to head off any potential issues.

Are You Experiencing One Of These Solar System Issues?

  • You Suspect Your Solar Panels Are Not Working Properly But You Don’t Know Why?
  • Your Monthly Electric Bills Are Increasing?
  • Your Solar Power System Is No Longer Working?

We Can Help!

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Customers choose Power Pro because our professional technicians help them make educated and informed decisions regarding their solar equipment.

Our services include:

  • Evaluate your solar system for optimal performance, needed repairs or concerns you may have.
  • Repair & upgrade aging or damaged equipment
  • System removal & reinstallation for new roof or roof repairs
  • Repairs due to weather or accidents or vandalism
  • Custom services such as security camera installation or safety upgrades

Do I Need To Have My Solar System Inspected Regularly?

Yes, solar panels should be inspected at least once a year for performance and partial or catastrophic failure. Your solar system may need extensive maintenance or solar panel cleaning if you notice your energy bills have gone up. For example, a single broken or damaged panel can reduce your solar energy production by 25% or more. Our Power Pro techs can handle anything from failing inverters to low producing panels, solar leaks and solar electrical shorts.

How Much Does A Solar System Inspection Cost?

Inspections take about an hour and cost depends on the kind of system you have. The inspection is a physical inspection on the roof and a diagnostic inspection of the systems electrical output. 

What Does A Solar System Inspection Consist Of?

  • Overall efficiency and performance of your solar system
  • Inspect inverters and connection points to ensure proper operation.
  • Inspect the roof connection points and module clamps
  • Inspect all cabling to ensure integrity and proper connection
  • Full inspection report detailing the results (and any repairs that are recommended)

Are your energy bills creeping back up? Is your solar system panel flashing an error code? Has your system completely stopped working?

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