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Smart Home Services

Smart Home Services to make your Home Safer

At Power Pro Electric, we provide smart home installation services for families and homeowners. Today’s technology allows families peace of mind, knowing their homes are safe even when they are away. You can also save energy and money by using smart home devices. Our team of professionals at Power Pro Electric is always ready to assist you anytime you wish to install a smart home system at your place. Regardless of the size or complexity of your project, we have skilled, experienced electricians ready to handle it.

Smart Lighting Services

In many cases, homeowners and family members leave their lights on when they leave the house-costing them money in the long run. When you have smart lighting services installed at home it became easy to turn off your lights with your phone when you’re away from home. A motion sensor and automatic timer can also significantly lower your electricity bill. You can control precisely how your home lights up with a smart lighting system.

Thermostats Services with smart features

Heating and cooling systems account for up to half of all household energy use. Saving energy and money is possible with a smart thermostat. Smart thermostats services allow you to control your home’s temperature turn up or lower the heating. So when you get home, it will be already comfortable. In addition to saving energy, these devices are very affordable.

The smart sprinkler controller

You can manage your sprinkler system on your smartphone through smart sprinkler controllers. Many devices can control water consumption. Even when you aren’t home, you can control the sprinklers in unpredictable weather.

Security services for smart homes

Controlling your door locks and security cameras remotely has become more accessible with new devices. It’s possible to get notified when someone walks up to your door with devices that have motion detectors. Some of these apps let you communicate without having to open your door when someone knocks on it. You can also defend your home from intruders in countless new ways. If you need help choosing the best smart home security system for you, the technicians of Power Pro Electric can help you.

We Offer Smart Home System Expert Services!

Our team at Power Pro Electric is dedicated to making sure your home is safe. As a leading home security company, we install a range of security systems for your convenience and peace of mind while you are away. We respect your time and your home by showing up promptly and cleaning up after each project. Power Pro Electricians are always on time and are full-service providers.

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