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Generator Services

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In case your generator is having trouble, you need an electrician you can trust. To Power Pro Electric, we care for your safety and prioritize your needs. Our team can install electric hookups for your new portable generator, or we can install a permanent generator for you.  The electricians at our company are the most competitive at present, providing all types of electrical services, including replacement, installation, repair, and servicing. Our customer service team is standing by around the clock to assist you with emergency issues.

Installing a generator in your home

Thousands of outages occur every year in many states due to tropical storms, lightning strikes, and other issues. Many times, outages last for many days. Generators are an excellent backup power solution. If your power goes out, you can still run your AC, keep your kitchen appliances running, and use your refrigerator. Our knowledgeable team can help you choose a generator that meets your needs and your budget.

Replacement of a generator

The best generators are indeed durable, but they also start to lose their effectiveness after time. Consider a situation where your generator costs more in fuel, is hard to start, or has inconsistent performance. In that scenario, Power Pro Electric can replace your generator with one appropriate for your household’s size, needs, and budget. To remain comfortable and survive in an emergency, you need a generator with an excellent price-to-performance ratio. A 2-year guarantee covers each replacement on the highest-quality generators we offer. Please speak with us for more information!

Repairing a generator:

Our team will assist you if your generator does not work properly after you have installed it. When your generator malfunctions, there is a greater chance that there will be no power during a power outage. A technician from our company can examine your generator and determine what solution is required. Before starting any work on the generator, we will carefully explain any repairs and the cost.

We offer highly skilled, licensed, and trained electricians at Power Pro Electric, ready to assist you with any electrical project, regardless of scale. Our team assesses potential electrical hazards in our clients’ homes and fixes them before they cause serious damage. You and your home are essential to our electricians. Once a project is completed, we always clean up after ourselves. The team of Power Pro Electric is always ready to help you. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction!

Generator Replacements & Installations

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You depend on electricity for many things in your everyday life, which is why Power Pro Electric knows just how essential it is. Power outages can occur in your home or business at certain times. The power outage can last for hours and even days, whether it’s caused by extreme weather conditions or city electrical problems.

For this reason, many homes and businesses install generators to become self-sufficient. Power Pro Electric provides professional generator replacement and installation to homes to make them stable, independent, and self-reliant. Call our team if you want your generator replaced or installed. Depending on your family’s requirements, budget, and size, we can recommend a high-quality generator.

The electricians from your team will set up the wiring, connect your generator to the transfer switch, and run it into your service panel. This will prevent your generator from being overloaded, and the electricity will run safely into your home. Generators installed incorrectly may lead to back feeding, fires, and other safety hazards. The proper installation of generators is also essential to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

You can trust our electricians to examine your current electrical system, as well as help you select a generator that meets your needs and budgets. Before any of the work being done, we will explain our installation process in detail.

Repairing generators

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A licensed and skilled team of electricians is essential when your generator ceases to function. Because our company put our clients’ needs first, we have developed strong relationships with them. Your home and safety are important to us, so we offer you a 100% guarantee. Our experienced and expert electricians handle electrical issues of any size or complexity. Our emergency electricians can assist you in repairing your generator as quickly as possible. Please contact us at any time for assistance!

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