EV Charger Installation Services

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EV Charger Installation Services

Our electricians can help you charge at home!

Our transportation is becoming perfect and luxurious day by day.
In recent years, we have seen more and more electric cars on the road due to their increased capabilities. Electric cars are economical and efficient, but they can be difficult to charge with standard outlets at home. Our team is ready to help you put in a charging station for your car that will be able to charge it faster than your regular outlet!

The different types of EV chargers

EVs can be charged quickly when they have access to an electrical supply and a home charging unit. There are three levels of EV chargers. The slowest chargers are level one, while the fastest chargers are level three.

Level 1 Chargers

Every electric vehicle comes with a level 1 charger. As these chargers utilize a standard home outlet, they are best used for overnight charges.

Level 2 Chargers

Chargers at level two work faster but must be installed by an electrician. To charge an electric car, an electric charger requires a 240-volt circuit. So that the supply of current will be strong enough, well, with a Level 2 charger, you can have a fast charging of your vehicle. Level 2 charger adds 70 miles to your range for every hour of charging! Charge at home with these popular options.

Level 3 Chargers

Chargers at Level 3 offer the fastest charge times but are difficult to install because they require an industrial supply of electricity. A battery can be fully recharged with one of these chargers in 30 minutes. Because of high voltage demand it is generally not possible at home to install a Level 3 charger.

How to Choose the Right EV Charger

Charging your electric car at home begins with identifying your needs. A level 2 charger gives many people more flexibility than a level 1 charger, which is fine for those who charge their cars overnight.

You can expect our team to assist you in the following areas:

Choosing a charger that will work in your home

  • Right charger for your car model
  • Upgrading electrical systems to maintain the safety
  • Installation according to NEC and local codes
  • And so much more!

We are quick and friendly in our service, and we will make sure to complete the job well when we come to your home. Our team of Power Pro Electric is always on time and highly trained. In addition to this we also provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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