Electrical Safety Checklist

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Electrical Safety

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Electrical Safety Checklist

Safety Tips for Preventing Electrical Issues in Your Home

At Power Pro Electric taking care of your home’s electrical needs or issues cannot be a DIY weekend project. Despite our efforts to convince you to call us, we must abide by safety regulations and require extensive work on electrical systems. Getting a license to do electrical work on your own can take years due to electricians’ extensive training.

Apprentice electricians complete hundreds of hours of classroom instruction and thousands of hours on the job. The electrical components in your home should be regularly checked for safety between visits from a Power Pro Electrician. Minor electrical issues will thus be identified before becoming major ones. When you are experiencing a problem, you should contact your local Power Pro Electrician.

Checklist for Electrical Safety

Electrical safety is a significant concern for homeowners. A helpful checklist from the National Fire Prevention Association is available. It is best to follow the guidelines provided on this list to reduce your chances of having an electrical emergency in your home or any other place. Be sure not to touch any wires in your home while following this safety checklist. In the case of a mysterious wire that is too far to inspect, it is advised to contact Power Pro Electric immediately.

The NFPA recommends contacting an electrician immediately if:

  • Your home frequently has blown fuses or tripping circuit breakers
  • The touch of appliances triggers a tingling sensation
  • Outlets emit sparks
  • You have warm or discolored outlets
  • Devices emit a burning or rubbery smell
  • A dimming or flickering light

Verify the electrical wires

Our homes are woven with electrical wires. You can prevent a fire by inspecting them for cracks, frayed wire, melting, and fraying. You should call a professional to repair a damaged cord or wire. Make sure all cables in your home are inspected thoroughly if your electrical system is older. Be sure that no electrical cords are running across doorways or underneath carpets. Your home can benefit from more outlets installed by an electrical professional.

Keeping outlets safe

You should also ensure that all of your outlets are operating properly. Adding more than one plug to a receptacle is never a good idea. Also, make sure the wiring behind an outlet is appropriately covered so that you don’t suffer an electric shock.

Bulbs for lights

It is essential not to mismatch the wattage of a light bulb with that of a lamp. In general, light bulbs with maximum wattages of 60 should only be used in lamps with that wattage or lower. In addition, the globes or shades should always cover light bulbs. To prevent something from contacting the bulbs and setting them on fire, they should always be covered while in use.

Safety of appliances

You should make sure that your appliances have been tested for safety by an established lab. Be careful when using multiple appliances at once. Make sure you are only connecting one at a time. Multiple appliances using a single outlet can overheat because they each draw a lot of power. The lights will dim quickly if a device is being used, and you should call an electrician right away. Overheating or failing wires can cause dimming lights.

Fault circuit interrupters

Fault circuit interrupters should be installed in all homes. GFC cut off electrical circuits when needed to minimize the risk of shock. The kitchen, the bathroom, the laundry room, the basement, the garage, and the outdoor areas should all have GFCI. The home also needs an arc-fault circuit interrupter. When an arcing circuit occurs in a house, an AFCI detects it and shuts off a circuit to prevent a fire.

Safety is a top priority for our electricians

The safety checklist will help you identify or prevent issues, but you should call an electrician if you suspect something is wrong with your electric system. The electricians at Power Pro Electric can provide fast, reliable, and affordable electrical services across the country. Our teams are local experts, so they know the common problems your area faces with electrical issues! Our work is always on time, and we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction!

Do you need help with electrical repair?

Contact us! our technicians are ready to solve any electrical issue.

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