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Electrical Hazards

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In our daily lives, we rely on electricity for a host of modern conveniences. Refrigerators keep food fresh, appliances cook it, the water stays warm, and even our house is safe while we’re away. We obtain power from a grid that delivers power up to 220 volts to some outlets in our homes.

Electrical systems are generally trouble-free for the most part. However, solid electrical currents can erode a home’s wiring, causing fires, injuries, and even death in some cases. Your home or a loved one’s life could be saved if you know how to avoid common hazards!

In the following list, we have listed some of the most common electrical hazards at home.

Hazard 1: Wiring problems

If the wiring has deteriorated over time or has been improperly installed by an unqualified person, it can be dangerous. During the lifespan of an old wire, the casing can crack and split, exposing the wiring and increase fire or shock risks. When an outlet is being overloaded with power, wires may overheat. The best way to avoid using too much electricity from wires is to avoid plugging more than one electronic device into an outlet.

There are a number of wiring hazards to watch out for, including:

  • Frayed edges of cords
  • Pinch-out of wires
  • Wires and cords overheating from overloaded outlets
  • Rodent damage

Hazard 2: Outlet problems

A lot of power-hogging appliances can overload outlets, as mentioned above. In addition to this hazard, outlets can also pose other risks. To protect your children from coming into contact with live wires, you should cover all outlets with plates. Further, safety devices must be used so that children cannot insert objects into outlets.

Be Wary of Water & Outlets

The best location for outlets is away from sources of water, so that they do not conduct electricity. Avoid using outlets in your bathroom and kitchen when you have wet hands. Last but not least, do not use water on a fire caused by electricity in your home. House fires are made even worse by water, which can cause electrical shock and fuel the fire even more! Make sure your home is equipped with fire extinguishers to prevent fire during worst-case scenarios.

Make sure that appliances are not left plugged-in in your bathroom or kitchen.
When an appliance is wet, please do not remove it from the outlet. If you want to unplug the appliance, you should turn off the power at the electrical panel box. It is advisable to install ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) to reduce the risk of electric shock.

Hazard 3: Power strips and cables

Power Strips

When an outlet is overloaded with too many devices and appliances, it will experience overheating issues. An outlet can become overloaded quickly if too many high-voltage devices are connected to a power strip. Don’t plug too many appliances into a power strip that needs a lot of power. Avoid using power strips that are connected in a chain and devices that provide multiple outlets. Power strips should not be used because they are dangerous. You should only use power strips with circuit breakers if necessary. Once a power strip is overloaded, a circuit breaker should cut power.

Extension cords

Rather than serving as a permanent power source, extension cords are best viewed as a temporary fix. For those who have to live with extensions cords permanently, contact our electricians to install extra outlets in their homes. When using extension cords, avoid overloading them with high-power devices so that they may not overheat and catch fire.

Electrical Hazards: What to Do

Whether you suspect that you have an electrical problem in your home or wish to verify that you do not, call the professional electricians at Power Pro Electric today! You can count on us to handle any necessary repairs or inspections in your home quickly. Do not attempt to fix your wiring or any other electrical issues on your own. The electricians at our company undergo extensive training before they can handle jobs independently.

To mitigate electrical hazards, we'll do the following:

  • Examine your wiring
  • Circuit board upgrading
  • GFCI installation
  • Examination of all electronic components that are at risk of failure

The best part is that Power Pro Electric is locally owned and operated. You will thus receive the friendly service you deserve from your electrician since your electrician is familiar with common local electrical issues. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction and are always on time.

Do you need help with electrical repair?

Contact us! our technicians are ready to solve any electrical issue.

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