Common Electrical Problems

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Common Electrical Problems

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Power Pro Electric’s team of experienced electricians has done it all! Whatever your electrical needs, from simple repairs to emergency service, we’re here to help! There are two simple reasons why a professional must perform electrical work: it works properly, and it must be safe. 
Our skilled electricians understand the appeal of DIY electrical work and provide a quality service the first time while ensuring their work will not pose a fire hazard!

Let us help you with your electrical problems today. Whether it’s a simple rewire or a complex installation, our highly trained electricians can handle it!

Dimming and Flickering of Lights

Electrical issues, such as flickering lights may result from wire failures.
Flickering lights are indicative of some electrical problems. So when you have determined that the bulb is not faulty or needs replacement, call our experienced electricians. 

Tripped Circuit Breakers

Having circuit breakers around the home is essential for preventing electrical components from overheating. Frequent tripping of the circuit breaker is the sign of a faulty appliance, an inadequate circuit, or maybe an issue with your wiring.


A home wire inspection may be required if you feel shocked whenever you touch an appliance or switch. Our electricians of Power Pro Electric can verify the electrical wiring in your home for your safety.

Outlet Issues:

Wires that are loose or old can cause outlets to fail. Power Pro Electric can handle any outlet problem you have, including devices that don’t work, spark, or emit a burning odor. Your outlet should always remain cool to the touch during and after use.

Troubleshooting switch issues

Switches shouldn’t feel warm, like outlets. Similarly, when touching a button, there should not be any crackling sounds, sparks, or changes in lighting. Switches that are not functioning correctly should be replaced immediately to prevent injuries and fires.

GFCI Tripping

GFCI Troubleshooting & Repair by our Electricians

A home’s electrical system should have ground fault circuit interrupters as a safety feature. Outlets can cause electric shock, so these devices protect residents from that danger. There are many reasons why GFCIs trip. The electrical system in your home could be malfunctioning if it trips frequently. Power Pro Electric professionals can help you if you have a GFCI issue. In addition to providing safe diagnosis and effective repair or installation, we offer quality service to fix your GFCI tripping problem.

Electricity Outages

Preparing for an outage

There is nothing more frustrating than a power outage because it is unpredictable, but it also removes us from modern conveniences. Having a plan can prepare you for an emergency even though you can’t prevent an outage from occurring.

What Causes Power Outages?

There is nothing more frustrating than a power outage because it is unpredictable, but it also removes us from modern conveniences. Having a plan can prepare you for an emergency even though you can’t prevent an outage from occurring.

Power outages: What to do

Follow the forecast

Knowing when a large storm is coming helps you be prepared, even though most storms don’t result in power outages. When severe storms hit, trees sometimes fall across power lines or disrupt other electrical systems.

Keep an emergency kit on hand

Make sure your home is stocked with supplies in case of a power outage. Batteries should be properly charged in all flashlights, an emergency radio should be ready to receive updates, and plenty of water should be stored. You should also ensure you have a supply of non-perishable foods that are ready to eat without cooking. Also, keep plenty of blankets on hand since power outages can cause freezing temperatures without a heater.

Make sure you have a backup plan

After a power outage, power is usually restored within a few hours. Some situations may, however, result in power outages lasting days or even weeks. If possible, you may be able to stay with friends or relatives while your electrical supply is restored.

In case of a power outage, generators are your best bet

You should install a backup generator in your home if you suffer from health complications and require your medical devices to be powered continuously. A backup generator is a good choice for families who don’t want to be caught by surprise in the event of a major storm.
Our team of Power Pro Electric electricians provides professional installation of backup generators.
Upon visiting your home, we will examine its needs and consider your preferences and budget before providing you with a generator recommendation. It will then be installed under manufacturer specifications. We guarantee 100% satisfaction with our work, too! Due to our local ownership and operations, we know the needs of the area, so we can surely help you determine which generator is suitable for your needs.

Fire-detector chirping

These Safety Devices Are Not To Be Ignored!

A smoke detector is arguably one of the most essential and underappreciated home security devices. Smoke detectors monitor the air continuously as we go about our daily lives and sleep. Whenever danger approaches, they wake us up. They let us know if danger is threatening our home even if we aren’t in the room.
People often neglect smoke detectors until they are saved from death. In the absence of a fire, we may view our smoke detectors as annoying devices such as randomly going off or chirping while cooking. It is essential, nonetheless, to ensure smoke detectors are properly maintained in the home. A National Fire Protection Association study found that the absence of smoke detectors causes around 40% of home fire deaths.

We can surely handle all your home's electrical needs!

If you are experiencing problems with your home’s electrical systems, call Power Pro Electric. Despite its incredible benefits, electricity can also pose serious dangers. Our electricians undergo intensive training so they can perform the job correctly and safely the first time! Our work is always done on time, locally owned and operated, and we guarantee your satisfaction 100% of the time.

Do you need help with electrical repair?

Contact us! our technicians are ready to solve any electrical issue.

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