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Circuit & Wiring Services

Update Your Home's Wiring Safely & Cost-Effectively

Our home’s infrastructure needs to keep pace as the array of electrical devices expands. As you extend and upgrade your electrical infrastructure, will you need to upgrade the wiring and circuitry of your home? Have your wires, breakers, and outlets been designed to handle the increasing demand you are putting on them?

If you are unsure whether your electrical system is safe, Power Pro Electric can inspect your wiring. In addition to rewiring your home, we offer upgrades and replacements of your home’s wiring, including complete house rewiring.

Wiring projects we work on include:

  • Aluminum wiring
  • Hot tubs & pools rewiring
  • Entertainment center wiring
  • Computer wiring

Call us now for a comprehensive inspection of your home's wiring and a list of long-term solutions.

Keeping Electrical Circuits From Being Overloaded

A sign of faulty or old wiring is frequent power outages, which are caused by constant overload. A circuit is considered “overloaded” when it is forced to handle more power than it can handle. A circuit breaker will trip when an overload occurs.

Electrical fires and other serious problems can also be caused by overloading. To have a safe and reliable home, you need to make sure your wiring can handle your electrical requirements. It’s essential to hire a good electrician if you plan on selling your house in the future. If you’re going to sell your home one day, then safe wiring is a legal requirement before you sell it.

Electric wiring services have the following other benefits:

  • Entertainment systems for the home that are of high quality
  • Converting a garage into a workshop
  • Lighting for the outdoors or electricity
  • More outlets to accommodate more devices
  • Decorative or stylish lighting (motif lights, accent lights, recessed lighting, etc.)
  • Separate switches for the fan and the light

Upgrade to solar power and electric car charging systems

In some cases, an overloaded system indicates that you have power needs exceeding what your home can handle.

On-Time Electricians in America

In Power Pro Electric, professionalism, excellence, and service are our highest priorities. As a result, we provide our customers with free service if we’re late and provide them with a 2-year warranty on all repairs and upgrades. As a result of these guarantees, our customers will receive an unparalleled service experience that emphasizes punctuality, courtesy, and high-quality materials.

As soon as we have inspected your wiring system in detail and assessed your needs and budget, we will make recommendations. Your technician will only recommend services that align with your goals. Unlike other companies, we don’t have hidden costs or costs that aren’t mentioned in our estimates. We aim to provide reliable service at an affordable price.

How to choose the right electrical system for your home

For older homes, homes that need wiring replacement, or those that require significant renovations, you should hire a licensed electrician to deal with your rewiring needs. The wrong electrician can endanger your home (and your life!). An electrician who is technically proficient, reliable, and safe can make your home more stable. It is for this reason that homeowners choose Power Pro Electric to handle their electrical rewiring projects.

Homeowners are using more and more electrical devices, so it’s crucial that your wiring is updated and maintained. In addition to getting homeowners’ homes up-to-code, Power Pro Electric helps homeowners rewire their homes to accommodate higher power demands. We’ve rewired countless homes nationwide, assisting homeowners in enjoying safe and reliable access to power.

Rewiring of entire houses

Electrical Wiring Updates & Expansion

Choosing the right electrician is crucial when you are rewiring your home. For this size and type of project, you should hire a technician who has proven experience, is highly trained, and is certified. An electrician who can perform durable and reliable whole house rewiring can significantly increase the value of your home. However, the wrong electrician and poor craftsmanship could cause severe damage to your home.

The experts at Power Pro Electric are the best choice for homeowners who need electrical rewiring for their whole home. Electrical rewiring by our local electricians meets the highest industry standards for safety, reliability, and quality. Ensure that your home remains marketable and valuable for years to come with our work, which meets all local and state building codes. In addition to updating and rewiring older homes, we assist homeowners in selling their homes and updating their current homes to make sure they are up-to-code.

Rewiring of hot tubs and pools

Electrical contractors with experience for hot tubs & pools

A pool or hot tub can transform your backyard into a personal oasis. It can be dangerous and frustrating to have lousy wiring on your new backyard escape; it can even be costly to fix. Make sure qualified electricians are servicing your backyard by calling Electricians of Power Pro Electric.

Wiring of pools and spas is one of our electrician's specialties:

  • Hot tub or pool system wiring
  • Hot tub or pool light wiring
  • Pump wiring
  • Controller wiring
  • And more!

A leader in electrical services in the country, Power Pro Electric is a name you can trust. You can trust that you will be working with someone familiar with your local area at every one of our locations since they are independently owned and operated. We empower you with highly skilled and rigorously trained technicians to complete the job right the first time!

Rewiring your hot tub or pool 

No matter if you need a hot tub or pool rewired or if you have a brand new one, we’re here to help! It is never a good idea to wire hot tubs and pools yourself. In the first instance, a professional should examine your home’s electrical system to see if it can handle the increased demand a hot tub or swimming pool will generate. Additionally, it is not recommended to handle wires with water unless they have been trained. We have the knowledge and experience to wire your pool or hot tub safely.

Quality and customer service are two things that matter to the Power Pro Electric team. Our first concern is to value our customers’ time. We always treat your home with respect and care. Lastly, we guarantee all our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee to reassure you that we will perform the job correctly the first time.

Computer Wiring

Computer Wiring Experts Are Here to Help!

Despite what many people think, computers are appliances! Most homes and businesses use computers in the 21st century. Computers consume a lot of power, and if your electrical system is not ready for them, they can cause problems. When electrical systems become strained, they can damage your home or your computer. Whether you are getting a new computer or upgrading your current one, our computer wiring electricians would be happy to come to your home and ensure the safety and reliability of your system!

Electricians specialized in aluminum wiring

We Can Reduce Fire Risks from Aluminum Wire

Because aluminum’s affordability and conductive properties, home builders utilized aluminum wiring in the 1960s and 1970s. However, in later years, electrical systems in homes became older, and the wiring started posing a fire hazard. Whether you need aluminum wiring repaired or replaced, the Power Pro Electric team is ready to assist. To provide quality work and unparalleled customer service, our electricians are licensed, highly-trained, and experienced. You can call us to inspect your electric wiring, and we’ll replace it with a safer solution.

We can help you with aluminum wiring today

Aluminum wiring is probably present in older homes if you’re unsure whether they have it or not. We are prepared to inspect your home’s wiring and help you decide the best way to mitigate aluminum wire hazards. Whenever we make your home’s electrical system safer, we always consider your needs and budget.

Our electricians at Power Pro Electric are proud to offer our customers exceptional service. We train our team members according to the highest industry standards. Our friendly and courteous service complements our expertise as electricians! On-time arrival, personal service, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee are all part of our promise. It’s dangerous to handle electrical work by yourself, so it’s best to leave it to the professionals!

Wiring an entertainment center

We Have the Experience to Set Up Your Home Theater Wires

Many of us have experienced this scenario: trying to plug in an electronic device behind our television only to find a tangle of cables. Plugging in a new electronic adds one more wire to the tangled mess hidden behind our entertainment system. Power Pro Electric can help you set up a better entertainment center.

We Provide Professional Electricians for Entertainment Centers

Power Pro Electric is the right team to trust for new home entertainment centers or old ones that need work! During an electrical installation, we ensure that the speakers are wired, cables are organized, and your electronics are not overloading the circuits in your home.

Your entertainment system’s components can be wired in an entirely new circuit based on a complete analysis of your home’s electrical systems. As a result, you can be confident that your system is working as it should without posing a fire hazard! In addition, we guarantee the seamless installation of entertainment centers. Wires will be run between the walls of your home when possible to keep them out of sight!

You will receive experienced help from Power Pro Electric when you ask for their help designing an entertainment center. They are as focused on safety as they are on helping you create the perfect entertainment center. To ensure that all components have the energy required for safe operation, we organize wires and make sure they have power.

We train every member of our team to provide excellent customer service and receive industry-leading training. Appointments are kept when they are made. For the inconvenience of being late, we will reimburse you with a discount! As a bonus, we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction in all aspects of our work so you can rest assured that you will enjoy your brand new entertainment center.

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